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Return and Refund
How can I return a product ? 

The Customer must contact Maison du Café, Trottet SA by means of the online contact form, specifying the reasons for return. He has 30 days to return new merchandise, unopened, packaged, with all original accessories and box. Open coffee cannot be returned. As soon as a return confirmation is received by the Customer, he can go to the Post Office to make his return at the following address: Rue Emma-Kammacher 4, 1217 Meyrin

How can I claim a refund?

Accompanied by the order invoice and within a maximum of 7 days, you can contact us to request a refund. The goods must first be returned to the House of Coffee, Trottet SA. Goods examined, we notify you of the acceptance or refusal of the refund due to the condition of the goods and the return period. The goods must be new, packed in their original carton.

I buy in store, or I order online. Can I go back to the store?
Online order ? Back in store possible. Provided that your return complies with the terms and conditions of Return, you can return to the store in Meyrin.

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Shipping and Delivery
When is my order shipped?

Subject to an influx of large orders, orders placed before 4pm are shipped the same day by our team for fast delivery in 24 to 48 hours.

Who delivers my order?

Your parcel is delivered by the Swiss Post who personally takes care of the recovery at our workshop until the direct shipment to your home in 48 hours maximum.

How to benefit from free shipping?

To benefit from free delivery, order in Switzerland for CHF 25.- and then in France and European Union for EUR 59.- minimum. Your shipping costs are automatically canceled in your cart.

How can I place my order?

You can place your order by Internet directly by logging in, by e-mail specifying the products and quantities a possible promotion, by mail or telephone. From CHF 25.- or EUR 59.- shipping costs are offered.

My order has been canceled. What to do?

Your order may have been canceled due to a mailing address not found, an invalid email address, or ordering amounts too high. You can re-order by selecting a credit, twint, or other advanced payment method that guarantees the correct information about your contact information.

I chose the priority delivery. I still have not received anything after 24 hours. What to do ?

If you opt for the priority shipment and your request has not been respected, you can ask for the refund or the credit note for the amount of the priority delivery costs.

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My account
How to access my account?

At the top right of the site, next to the shopping cart, you have the option of logging in and accessing your customer account. In addition, at the bottom of the website, you have the option to consult your orders, your points, your information.

How to delete my account?

To delete an account, you will have to contact the Maison du Café, Trottet SA to erase all your personal data and to close the account.

How to create my customer account?

Simply click on "Sign In" by selecting "Create your account" to register on our website. Use your e-mail address to discover your personal space and gradually add your information and contact information.

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After sales service
How is the after-sales service of my coffee machine?

Each coffee machine has a different service system. To view it, click HERE .

My order does not match my delivery. What to do ?

Si nous nous sommes trompés dans votre commande, le SAV vous assure l'envoie d'une étiquette retour vous permettant de renvoyer le café erroné. En revanche, si l'erreur provient de votre commande internet, il faudra renvoyer les produits à vos frais. 

I got a coffee machine that does not work. What to do ?

Subject to errors and findings. in the case of non-functional machines, Trottet Cafés send you a Return label to return the goods. In the meantime, a new coffee machine is sent to you.

Before proceeding with this step, it is important to consult our after-sales service and to contact the appropriate supplier of your coffee machine. You can find it here .

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Click & Collect
How to recover your order in store? </ P>

During the ordering process, activate the "takeaway delivery" function when choosing your delivery. You can spend 30 min after or until Friday after your order. </ P>

In addition, you can order by phone specifying the option "to take away". </ p>

I want to change the delivery mode 48h Economy to take away. How to do ? &lt;/ P&gt;

It is unfortunately not possible to modify this option which is irreversible. On the other hand, we can cancel your current order and then re-enter it with the "take-away" option. </ P>

Is there a management fee for the "take away" option? &lt;/ P&gt;

In-store recovery in Meyrin is 100% free and free of charge. </ P>

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Payment methods
What are the possible payment methods?

It is possible to make a payment directly on the internet by American Express, VISA, Mastercard, Paypal, Twint, PostFinance, Payment in advance or payment on invoice.

I can not choose the payment method by invoice. Why ?

It is possible that due to security, your account no longer has the option to choose the method of payment invoice. In addition, if your order contains a coffee machine or accessory of great value, coffee grinder, payment by invoice is not possible.

Are the payment methods safe?

The Company's website has a high security system. The payment is secure and allows a very fast processing of orders made on our website.

The customer is automatically directed to our banking partner during their payment process. The information is strictly secure, confidential and not found by others.

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Product warranty
What is the guarantee of coffee?

Coffee being an agri-food product, you can make a claim within 30 days with a copy of the purchase invoice, customer account number and intact products, new in the original packaging. If any of its instructions are not followed, we will not be able to take your warranty claim into consideration.

What is the warranty of a used coffee machine?

A coffee machine, compulsorily bought in shop in Meyrin for a test and demonstration of the product, is guaranteed 6 months subject to the non-respect of maintenance of the machine, or the recommendations of the instructions of the supplier.

Is using purified water a way of maintaining a coffee machine?

No. filtered / purified water will always contain limestone because the coffee can not flow without limestone. It is important to have the appropriate maintenance products for the coffee machine, otherwise the guarantee is canceled.

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How to use a gift voucher?

Each gift card consists of a promotional code. It is to be used directly in your internet order in the order summary area. The promotional code can not be used otherwise.

Can I use a promotional code multiple times?

The Trottet conditions are authentic. If a promotional code is advertised that is valid 1 x per customer account, it can not be used multiple times. However, according to the promotional code of the moment, it is possible to use his check several times.

Can I offer my promotional code to others?

It is not possible to share or disclose your promotional codes to others, otherwise it will be canceled to whoever should benefit. Each code is confidential and valid per customer account.

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Brochures and Promotions
I wish to receive a brochure. What to do ?

You can request the delivery of a brochure by phone, e-mail, social network or during one of your orders on the internet.

The prices of the brochure do not correspond to the internet prices. What to do ?

In all our brochures, it says "Internet prices are authentic". Always rely on internet prices on our online site. By the time a brochure is printed, some market prices may change.

A promotion of the brochure does not work. What to do ?

This is a printed promotion that may no longer be valid. Please consult the brochure for the validity of the promotion.

Our products
What are our compatible capsules made of?
The hulls of the compatible capsules are in PBT + TPE. The operculum contains a thin layer of aluminum to ensure perfect preservation.

Where to throw compatible coffee capsules?
Compatible capsules should be thrown in the all-waste bin.

Where are all the coffees in capsules, coffeebeans, pods, grounded coffee… ?
Everything is made in Meyrin, Geneva. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, Trottet Coffees sublimate fine wines by artisanal roasting.

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Technical Service - After Sales
How do I descale my capsule machine?

Fill the water tank (1) with 1 measure of DURGOL ME for 9 measures of water or a descaling sachet (powder) for 1 liter of water.

Connect the plug (2).

Push the main switch (4).

Run the water, about 2dc.

Wait 2 to 3 minutes, then repeat the operation 2 to 3 times.

Empty the water tank (1), rinse it well with hot water. Once descaling is complete, fill the container with clean water (1).

To rinse the machine, run 1 liter of water and empty the water container.

Descaling completed.

Où trouver les conditions générales du contrat d'entretien professionnel ?

Vous pouvez retrouver la documentation en PDF ici.

Cafés Trottet's Subscription
What is the trap of the Trottet Cafes subscription?
Well, there is not one. You are the one who decides the amount of your subscription basket. You choose your coffees, then modify and cancel your subscription at any time, without commitment or costs.

Who is the Trottet Cafes subscription reserved for?
Whether you are new customers, loyal customers for many years, you have the opportunity to create a subscription to enjoy our many benefits.

What are the benefits of a subscription?
Not only are you sure you will not run out of coffee anymore, but you only decide how often to deliver! In addition, from the first subscription order, you receive 10%. The 10% are valid on all your recurring orders.

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Emballage & Carton
Where does our packaging for coffee canisters in capsules come from?
For the packaging of our capsules, the products come from Sauberlin, in Châtel-Saint-Denis.

Where do our sachets for coffee beans or ground coffee come from?
The coffee sachets come from Wipf, in Volketswil.

Where do our boxes for shipping orders come from?
The boxes are made in Switzerland at Bourquin, in Couvet.

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Drive withdrawal
How to order in Drive?
Place your order online by choosing "Drive Trottet" as the delivery method. Go to our Drive Trottet car park to load the goods in less than 5 minutes.

Am I sure I have all the products?
All products available online are available in drive.

Can I benefit from a promotion?
As your order is made online, you can of course enter the promotional code of the moment that interests you. The promotion will be applied.

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Devenir Revendeur de café
Comment saisir sa commande revendeur ?
Vous pouvez commander en ligne grâce à votre code revendeur qui vous calcule automatiquement votre rabais de Revendeur. Vous avez également l’option de commander par téléphone ou e-mail en mentionnant, à chaque commande, en mentionnant votre code revendeur. Toutes ces options de commandes sont à 100% gratuites. La livraison est également gratuite sous 24 heures. Le mode de paiement est à choix : Vous pouvez demander à être débités directement par téléphone, saisir votre carte de crédit directement en ligne sur trottet.ch. Vous avez également le choix de payer sur facture, en revenant la facture dans votre colis, accompagnée de votre café commandé.

Vous souhaitez devenir Revendeur de nos produits ?
Contactez-nous par e-mail avec toutes les conditions remplies afin de devenir un Revendeur des produits Trottet. Vous obtiendrez une réponse dans les 48 heures ouvrables suivant votre message.

Quels produits peut-on revendre ?
Café en grains 1kg ou 250g •Café moulu 1kg ou 250g •Café en capsules Nespresso®* compatibles •Café en capsule Lavazza Espresso Point®* compatibles •Café en dosettes ESE 44mm papier •Dose de café moulu par 100G

State with Coronavirus
Can I order during this Coronavirus period?

Yes, we always ship orders within 24-48 hours.

How can I place my order during the Coronavirus period?

You can, as usual, place an order online, by phone, by e-mail.

Can I order in click & collect?

Yes, you can choose the click & collect option during the ordering process and collect your merchandise within 30 minutes.

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Green coffee
How are organic coffee stored?

Organic coffee, once arrived at our roasting, is stored more than 7 meters underground, protected from heat and standard coffees.

How do we buy green coffee?

For us, the price of coffee on the stock market is only an indication. We work with exporters, so no purchase on the stock market, to avoid loss of quality.

How is the green coffee price fixed?

It can be fixed directly with the producer or a cooperative permanently or temporarily. After that we have to go through authorized exporters in the countries to export the coffee to a European port, and from there we recover the coffee to store it in our cellar. It can also be purchased directly from importers specializing in the search for exceptional coffee.

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CHAT online
What is the CHAT Trottet?

The CHAT Trottet is a direct means of communication between you and us. We answer your questions immediately during online messaging hours.

When can we contact you through the online CHAT?

We are reachable from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Do we have to be logged in to contact you on the CHAT?

It is possible to contact us via CHAT without having to go through the connection phase. However, when you are connected, it is easier to answer your questions.

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What is tea?

Tea is a drink that comes to us from the dried leaves of the "tea tree" shrub. He is originally from the Himalayas, Assam Yunnan and also Myanmar. Tea has been used since ancient times for its medicinal properties and health benefits.

What varieties of tea are there?

There are several types of teas such as green tea, black tea, Oolong tea, Rooibos and plants (herbal teas), and even mate.

Who discovered tea?

There are several legends concerning the discovery of tea: Chinese legend, Indian legend, Japanese legend. You can find the history of legends by country in our blog here.

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Loyalty points and discount coupons
What are Cafés Trottet loyalty points?

With each purchase, collect points that you can convert into discount coupons for all your future purchases.

What are loyalty points worth?

Earn points with every purchase, on every product purchased. CHF 200.- spent = 2,000 points collected! Collect 2000 points to receive a reduction check of CHF 10.- to be used on the entire online store.

Where can I collect points?

The process is automatic. Order your favorite coffees, herbal teas, coffee machines or accessories, and accumulate points over time.

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Call & Collect
What is Call &amp; Collect?

Call & Collect is a telephone ordering system, which allows you to call and order your products, to pick them up at our store in Meyrin. It is possible to pay directly by phone, in complete security.

How can I order in Call &amp; Collect?

To order in Call & Collect, dial 022 719 00 00 then communicate your customer number or personal details, then place your order. Pick it up within 30 minutes during Click & Collect hours.

What can I buy in Call &amp; Collect?

It is possible to order all the products available online mentioned "available in store". For accessories and coffee machines, payment in advance by telephone is required, in complete security.

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Where is the Cafés Trottet Shop? &lt;/ P&gt;

There is only one, and it is located at Rue Emma-Kammacher 4, 1217 Meyrin in Geneva, with free parking for guests, and self-service coffee. </ p>

Quels sont les horaires du magasin ?

Nous vous accueillons du lundi au vendredi, de 8h00 à 12h00 puis de 13h30 à 16h30.

Comment trouver le magasin Trottet ?

Notre unique magasin se trouve à la Rue Emma-Kammacher 4, 1217 Meyrin. Proche de la gare de Meyrin, zone industrielle. Notre boutique se situe à côté de la rue du Vieux-Bureau. 

Service B2B Professionnel
Qu’est-ce le service B2B Professionnel ?

Le service B2B Professionnel permet d’obtenir des remises préférentielles sur les gammes de café (hors classic) à partir d’une certaine quantité. 

A qui s’adresse le service B2B Professionnel ?

Le service B2B s’adresse à tous les professionnels qui cherchent à étendre leur activité ou à bénéficier de remises préférentielles sur le café, qu’il s’agisse de revendeurs ou d’entreprises à grand volume. 

Quels produits font-ils partie du service B2B Professionnel ?

Les gammes de café suivantes font partie du service B2B : Assemblages, Pure Origine, Cafés de spécialité, Cafés biologiques, Cafés Fairtrade, Orgaanik is Our Nature, Les Mélanges Audacieux ainsi que toute la gamme de thé, tisanes et infusions. La gamme Classic (petit prix) comme les cafés Eccellenza, Classico, Intenso, Crema et Espresso ne peuvent pas bénéficier du service B2B Professionnel. Sont également exclus les produits suivants : produits d’entretien, machines à café, accessoires. 

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Sur quelle machine à café est-il possible d'obtenir un contrat de location ? 

Toutes les machines décrites comme "Achat ou location" ou portant l'élément "Option location = OUI" sont disponibles en location. 

Quels sont les tarifs de location ? 

Les différents tarifs moyens sont affichés sur les machines à café professionnelles ici, et seul le contrat final fait foi.

Quels sont les engagements et conditions à la location de machines à café ?

La location de machine à café est soumise à des conditions, sous réserve d’examen de solvabilité positif. Dans le cas où le rapport donne un résultat négatif ou insuffisant, La Maison du Café, Trottet SA se réserve expressément le droit de se retirer de l'offre sans conséquence. 

Nos engagements 

Service technique physique ou par téléphone

Livraison rapide de café, consommable et service client de qualité

Bonus : En consommant le café Trottet, le contrat d’entretien annuel est offert (hors gamme classic)

Vos engagements 

Consommation exclusive des Cafés Trottet (quantité minimale à définir)

Commandes de cafés et consommables mensuelles automatiques

Location sur une durée de 36 mois renouvelable tacitement de mois en mois

Réalisation de l’entretien courant de la machine (consommables)

Commandes et paiements 

Commandes de café mensuelles à votre rythme

Réception de la commande et consommables selon vos besoins

Livraison rapide sous 24h-48h

Location mensuelle payable à 30 jours sous forme de facture électronique

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