After-sales service by brand

The products are guaranteed for 24 months for (private) households, and 12 months for machines, mills, professional accessories. All products can be returned in new, original packaging (never used) within 30 days. Return costs are the responsibility of the Customer. Products under warranty exchanged for a new item do not extend the warranty.

Are excluded from the warranty:

Product use

Accessories missing from the product

Natural damage

Moisture damage

Damage due to a fall, shock or natural wear

Non-maintenance of the product (mandatory monthly descaling, tablet, etc.)

Handling errors

Damage caused by the intervention of the Customer

Second-hand products

Non-identifiable returned products (shipper information)

Products ground on demand

Procedure for a product under warranty

In the event of a product defect (product under warranty), the Customer contacts the Seller directly or will contact the appropriate service center directly, depending on the brand of the product. The costs of returning to the Seller or to the service center of the brand are at the expense of the buyer. In the event of a return without guarantee, an estimate will be automatically drawn up and invoiced to the Customer. Returns of products under warranty or excluded from warranty are invoiced to the Customer. To return a guaranteed product, the Customer must pack the product in its original box, with all the accessories and cables as well as a copy of its guarantee certificate (invoice) in order to assert the guarantee.

All repairs include prepayment. A second-hand product does not benefit from a possible exchange, reversal or refund.

Repairs provided by the Maison du Café, Trottet SA

The following guarantees are valid 2 years of guarantee for a household product (private), 1 year for professionals. These warranties apply exclusively to products purchased on trottet.ch/.com or in stores and exclude products purchased from other shops.

Contact details: Rue Emma-Kammacher 4, 1217 Meyrin on 022 719 00 00.










Evoca Group

New Simonelli



Victoria Arduino

After-sales service by brand & contact

Delonghi: Lattichstrasse 6 – 5340 BAAR – 041 766 87 27

JURA: Kaffeewelstrasse 7 – 4626 Niederbuchsiten – 062 389 82 33

Melitta: Bahnoffstrasse 47 – 4622 Egerkingen – 062 388 98 30 – melitta@melitta.ch

Krups: Grindelstrasse 48 – 8303 Bassersdorf – 044 837 18 40

Philips Saeco: Sertronics AG - Service for Electronics - Lindächerstrasse 1 - 5413 Birmenstorf - 056 417 71 11 - service@sertronics.ch

Lelit: EspressoWorld AG – Bahnofstrasse 8 – 3280 Murten – 026 672 20 01 – info@espressoworld.ch

La Maison du Café, Trottet SA declines all responsibility for the costs invoiced by the supplier.

By returning the machine to the supplier's after-sales service, the Customer agrees to include all the necessary documents with: Surname, first name, postal address, e-mail address, telephone number and purchase invoice for the coffee machine.

After-sales service prices

The after-sales service intervention costs are CHF 160.- excluding tax / hour for the technical service, then CHF 149.- excluding tax for trips to Geneva, Vaud-La Côte. The estimate costs are CHF 45.- for products from the Maison du Café, Trottet SA.

Intervention procedure at the Maison du Café, Trottet SA

The Customer informs the Seller of the problem related to his product, which is still under warranty. Upon confirmation, the Customer may return his machine to the address: Rue Emma-Kammacher 4, 1217 Meyrin. Machines with lack of wear (maintenance, limestone) are not covered by the warranty. Therefore, an estimate of CHF 45.- is communicated to the Customer. In the event of false intervention (the products do not present any technical problem), the repair costs above "Intervention after-sales service rates" will be invoiced to the Customer. Return costs are the responsibility of the Customer.

Repair time and return

Depending on the flow of the after-sales technical service, a period of 10 to 30 days is estimated for the repair and return of the goods. No product can be sent as an exchange during the repair period. The “after-sales service by brand” repair times are communicated directly by the brand, and La Maison du Café, Trottet SA declines all responsibility.