General conditions of sale and delivery


Business between La Maison du Café Trottet SA and the purchaser is governed exclusively by the conditions of delivery below. These conditions in all cases take precedence over any other condition set by the purchaser or appearing in his documents. The articles offered on this website are not intended for resellers.

Articles shops "At work", "Café / Restaurant" and "Reseller" are reserved for corporate customers and are not available for private customers.

All orders must be connected to a valid email address, La Maison du Café Trottet SA reserves the right not to honor an order with an invalid email address or a command whose origin could not be verified.

Any promotion with an item is limited to a promotion per household except extraordinary cases explicitly mentioned in the promotion.

The general conditions are available in three languages whereas the French version shall prevail in case of discrepancies with regard to content or interpretation.


The products in this catalogue are generally dispatched without delay from the warehouse. La Maison du Café Trottet SA cannot be held responsible for delays in delivery.

Design features/modifications

The client is himself responsible for the use of the products. None of the technical information, data and dimensions given constitutes a guarantee on the part of La Maison du Café Trottet SA concerning specific properties. La Maison du Café Trottet SA takes no responsibility for potential errors in printing and transmission. This particularly covers consequential damage and the costs resulting from it.


All prices are given in Swiss francs. They are normally quoted inclusive of VAT. On the Internet prices quoted for registered professional clients are exclusive of VAT. For particular registered clients, prices are quoted inclusive of VAT. All prices are indicative, except in cases of error in transcribing, printing or calculation. The cost of carriage is invoiced on orders of less than CHF 67.- (€ 46.-) inclusive of taxes. All our articles are sold within the limits of the stock available and we reserve the right to limit the quantities ordered. So that as many customers as possible can benefit from our promotions, we reserve the right to limit the number of promotions per customer or to limit the quantities ordered under promotions.


All our prices are calculated net. Our invoices must, therefore, be settled without deduction and at the latest 30 days after the date of the invoice. In cases of non payment within 30 days, our company reserves the right to levy interest on arrears at 7%. We reserve the right to fulfil orders from new clients or existing clients cash with order or payment before the due date.

Rights of property

Goods delivered remain the property of La Maison du Café Trottet SA until the invoice has been settled in full. La Maison du Café Trottet SA has the right to carry out an appropriate entry in the ledger.


Unless stated otherwise, the guarantee attached to all the products on offer in the catalogue is for 12 months. The invoice and the date of the invoice are proof of guarantee. A copy of the invoice must accompany the return of defective goods. Excluded from the guarantee are damage resulting from a modification or a repair carried out by the client, or as the result of fair wear and tear, or in a case of force majeure or from failure to respect the instructions.

Complaints and returns

Complaints must be notified within 14 days counting from the date of the invoice, otherwise the consignment is deemed to have been accepted. Articles in the current catalogues may be returned within 14 days from the date of the invoice.
The following conditions apply:

  • All returned goods must be in a new state and in the original packaging.
  • All articles must be complete and capable of being used.

If these conditions are not respected, an appropriate deduction will be made.

Place of jurisdiction

Our commercial activity is based exclusively on Swiss law. The place of enforcement and jurisdiction is Geneva.