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On the lookout for the best coffee bean from the most beautiful producing lands ? Looking for coffee machines at the best price? And even if you are interested in a Blend at the lowest price in Switzerland, that too, we have it. Roasters since 1947 with more than 100 different coffees in 5 different ranges : blends, pure origins, specialty coffees, organic coffees and budget, we guide you in your choice of coffee beans. We are sure you will find your happiness on our website.

Artisan invested in his profession

We are really invested in our craft-roaster business. Still wanting to stay simple, we try to balance the weight between the selection specialty coffee and a small paid coffee producer at its fair value. That's how our Responsible Projects begin: We make every effort to facilitate manual work in coffee plants while changing the future prospects of our producers. By collaborating ethically, equitably by focusing on sustainable development, our specialty coffees in Nespresso®* compatible capsules are no longer just capsules. These are coffee beans of choice, harvested by the small producer, paid precisely, on its territory. Quality raw, different future prospects, affordable prices, total transparency.

A palette of products !

Coffee ? With 5 different coffee ranges, we have something for everyone. Are you a specialty coffee of a single parcel? Do you prefer coffee much more full-bodied Italian? Or a slight preference for Blends ranges with several flavors both in the mouth? All these products are available on the site or in shop in Meyrin. Our concern? Grow coffee sustainably. Your concern? Drink a quality coffee, interest in sustainable development, good, and at a fair price.
Between coffees of all kinds of culture, coffee machines, tea capsules, coffee accessories: More than 700 products are now available for sale.

Nespresso® * compatible capsules, coffee beans, ground coffee, 44mm ese pods, Lavazza Point® * compatible capsules, all our brands like Delonghi, Krups, Melitta, Lelit, Ascaso for our coffee machines, you have a wide choice of articles directly on Trottet.

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