• Nicaragua 250Gr Grains
  • Nicaragua 250Gr Grains
  • Nicaragua 250Gr Grains

Nicaragua Coffee beans 250G


It is in the mountains of Dipilto, a stone's throw from Honduras, that this harmonious coffee is cultivated, with respect for nature.


Cafetalera Buenos Aires is a 215 hectare family business, created over 55 years ago by Luis Emilio Valladarez. The farm produces coffees of the Caturra, Maracaturra and Villa Sarchi varieties, in honey, plain and washed process. Located in the municipality of Buenos Aires, in the Dipilto mountains, the company is located in a specialty coffee production area, near the border with Honduras. The farm benefits from a micro-climate due to its geographical position which favors the production of specialty coffee. Their main objective is to carry out in-depth work in terms of quality, in order to develop long-term relationships with their clients.

Located on sandy soil, at an altitude of between 1200m and 1700m above sea level, these cafes have participated in the Cup of Excellence several times. Coffee trees are produced under shade (70% with various essences), with soil and plant fertilization that respects the environment.


Luis Valladarez, started his activity by buying a small farm called Buenos Aires, then, by opportunity, bought two other farms called La Laguna & El Suyatal. Initially all his production was sold in cherries, until a few years ago when he decided to build his own processing plant - Cafetalera Buenos Aires - with the aim of controlling the production and export of its cafes.

In 2004, Luis Emilio's second son, Olman, joined his father and brother to manage and administer the family's farms. A lawyer by training, but a coffee grower at heart, he entered the company with the idea of ​​becoming an expert in single variety coffees and processes. In 2005 he started to present many microlots from his farms to the? Cup of Excellence? of Nicaragua with very good results. Their efforts paid off as they obtained second place in the competition last year, with the Maracaturra variety.

This microlot is produced in 100% caturra and undergoes a wash treatment. It is the cherries harvested from the highest part of the farm which are prepared by wet process. The process is fairly classic since the cherries are pulped, fermented, washed and then dried on a patio.

Tasting note A greedy nose. In the mouth it is a balance between the gourmet notes of praline, honey, chocolate, and the more fruity notes of raspberries and forest fruits.
Character Harmonious
Aromas Raspberry, Almond, Dark chocolate & Honey
Roasting Very light Light Blonde Amber Brown Italian
Strength 4
Acidity 4/5
Origin Nicaragua
Coffee farmer Luis Emilio Valladarez
Altitude 1200 - 1500 meters
Composition 100% arabica
Treatment Washed
Conditioning 250G
Made in Switzerland

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