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Thanks to its spiral cone, equipped with a thin filter, the V60 is a coffee maker capable of offering a high quality filter coffee. Tour like the Chemex, it will give very lively and aromatic coffees, but with more matter.

Roaster tips: medium grind, too fine grind will increase the body, when too coarse grind will run the water too quickly and bring out the acidity of the coffee. Between 7 and 10gr of coffee per 100ml of water to measure with the Hario spoon sold with the V60.

1.Place your V60 over a cup or carafe.
2.Add the filter, natural or white, and with a tilting kettle, rinse it with warm water.
3.Wait until the filter is completely drained. Discard the water.
4.Add the amount of ground coffee in the filter.
5. Pour the water in two steps. Be careful, it must not be completely boiling.
6.First extraction: slowly pour the water in the center of the V60, wetting all the coffee.
7.Wait 30 seconds to cover the coffee with water without it crossing the filter.
8. Remove the filter and enjoy.

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