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Coffeebeans Hawaï Waialua Nord Washed 250G

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100% Arabica typica

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Caramel, hazelnut, cereals
Blonde Ambrée Brune
Waialua Estate
100% Arabica typica
September to February
Café label
Cafés de qualité supérieure concordant à une région de production.
Café Micro-lot
Cafés de très haute qualité issus de terroirs exclusifs et spécifiques sélectionnés pour leurs préparations spécifiques.
Café de terroir
Cafés de grande qualité identifiés pour leurs typicités sélectionnés en direct auprès de petits producteurs.
" A very balanced coffee that perfectly reflects the exceptional properties of its terroir "

For more than a century and until it closed in 1996, the Waialua Sugar Company, located in the town of Waialua, north of Oahu Island, was one of the largest sugar cane plantations in the world. the state of Hawaii. The North Shore is also home to Dole Food Company, established by James Dole in 1901 and specialized in pineapple processing and processing. Generations and thousands of immigrants from China, Japan, Korea, Portugal, and the Philippines came to work and live in cities and plantations, raise their children and make Hawaii their home. .

The birth of Waialua Estate

With the closure of the sugar cane plantation in 1996 and in response to growing consumer demand for distinctive, high-quality products produced in Hawaii, Dole launched an agricultural diversification program to help displaced workers, while expanding the local market with new products. Thus, the plantation began to produce papaya, mango, tropical flowers, and specific crops such as coffee and cocoa. Mr. David Murdock, President of Dole Food Company, was particularly interested in the antioxidant properties of coffee and cocoa. The Waialua Farm is dedicated to this vision of healthy and nutritious food products and the consistent practice of diversified agriculture on the north side of Oahu.

The Region: a unique environment for extraordinary coffees

The coffees produced at Waialua Estate are grown on the former sugar cane lands on the Wahiawa Plateau. This area is bordered on either side by the Waianae and Ko'olau mountain ranges with spectacular steep cliffs and near Mount Ka'ala, the highest point on the island. The farm is about 63 hectares and is located at an altitude of about 300 meters above sea level. The climate is warm and mild with average temperatures of around 25 ° C with an annual rainfall of 2000mm. .
The Waialua Coffee Estate has a very special disease prevention and control program because it uses insects to fight external aggression, allowing it to grow pesticide-free.

Trees are grown in rows to facilitate mechanical harvesting. Rainfall water supplies are supplemented by regular drip irrigation. The harvest season begins in September and continues until February.

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