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100 % Arabica

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Livraison et retour gratuits
Orange, chocolate, brown sugar
2017- 2018
Central Valley
Carrizal de Alajuela, Jardín de Aromas
Carole Zbinden
1400 m
Since 1960, 3rd generation - 58 years old
17, 5 ha
100 % Arabica
Caturra Amarillo
November to February
Honey process
Planted 2016, this is the first harvest.
Semi-covered, cool night
Lemons, grapefruit, orange, banana, papaya, guayabas
Spécialty, 87+
9.80 %
Spécialty, 87+
François Trottet
Length in the mouth, chocolate notes
Café label
Cafés de qualité supérieure concordant à une région de production.
Café Micro-lot
Cafés de très haute qualité issus de terroirs exclusifs et spécifiques sélectionnés pour leurs préparations spécifiques.
Café de terroir
Cafés de grande qualité identifiés pour leurs typicités sélectionnés en direct auprès de petits producteurs.

Our coffees from Costa Rica, fruit of a long-term relationship and reciprocal partnership with Carole Zbinden, Jardín de Aromas ...

The plantation offers different varieties such as Red Caturra, Catuai, Villa Sarchi, Caturra Gold and Maragogype. Mostly, the farm in question cultivates micro-batch coffees: the main varieties of coffee in their plantation, Caturra and then Catuai. The seedlings of coffee trees are always renewed after their first year to guarantee the production of quality coffee during the next 25 years. The Central Valley also has Nano Lots which are coffee varieties in small parcels that were started in 2015. Trottet Coffees have exclusivity on these coffees because they are great wines of small quantity.

The central valley, Jardin de Aromas

The central valley, 200 years long and magnificent tradition, accompanied by quality and aromas. We have collaborated for decades with Carole Zbinden, who represents Jardin de Aromas. For years, the plantations are rich in aromas and quality of products without forgetting specialty coffees.

Good to know about the coffee you are about to taste!

These beautiful cherries are harvested by hand and pulped the same day by the producer. They are then rinsed with fresh water of the village and immediately put to drying with an optimal conservation of 100% of its mucilage, or of its sugar. Once the drying is finished, the same day, the cherries are deposited on African beds for the crystallization of sugars on the coffee beans. This is how our beautiful seeds will dry in the sun for 10 full days. It is thanks to this process that our coffee will keep all its sweet notes.

Red Honey, what is it?

We have a high specialty coffee whose variety is Caturra Red. The cherries are bright red. The treatment used by our small producer is the Red Honey process. This means that our little producer is pulping the coffee and leaving the mucilage that is the sugar on the coffee beans of the cherry. This sugar will dry in the sun on patios, which are African beds, for hours and hours. After 10 days of intensive drying of our beautiful seeds, our coffees will be completely dry and ready for packing in the producing country. The coffee, during the roasting, will have all the notes of chocolate, brown sugar, and fruity notes at the same time.

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