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The true story of a Stanford professor who invented a plastic coffee maker, able to make one of the best coffees in the world!

The Aeropress was created by the American Alan Adler, in 2005. This inventor in series, tired of not finding a suitable coffee maker for the preparation of a coffee for one person, started in the manufacture of the Aeropress, a simple and fast method, for 1 to 4 people.

Very simple to use, while remaining in the spirit of slowcoffee, this coffee maker gives the results closest to the espresso, while offering a greater aromatic complexity. This coffee maker is especially handy when traveling or hiking. It is very suitable for gourmet or spicy coffees.

Roasting Tips: Fine, but not over-milling, too fine grinding will make manual pressure more difficult, even if you increase the body! 7 to 9g per 100ml of water. An Aeropress spoon corresponds to 2 cups of coffee (200ml of water).

1.Place the paper filter in the filter holder and clip on the lower part of the aeropress.
2.Put the aeropress on a cup or mug and rinse the filter under warm running water.
3.Remove the desired amount of ground coffee in the lower part, using the funnel.
4.Use the volume of water corresponding to the number of cups to be prepared (marking from 1 to 4 on the coffee maker corresponds to 100ml)
5. Pour the water in two steps: the first half of the water in 30 seconds, then pour the rest of the water to the mark corresponding to the desired number of cups.
6.Mix all with the provided spatula and let infuse until 1 minute.
7.Insert the upper part of the aeropress and press.

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