Chemex with handle 6 Cups
  • Chemex with handle 6 Cups

Chemex with handle 6 Cups

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Designed in 1941 by chemist and inventor Peter Schulmbohm, the design of Chemex has not changed since. Why change a method of extraction so powerful, offering a sweet and aromatic drink? Presented for its design and ingenuity, the iconic chemex coffee maker is part of the permanent collection of many prestigious American museums, including the Museum of Modern Art, the Smithsonian and the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Roaster tips: coarse grind, between 7 and 10gr of coffee per 100ml of water according to the desired intensity.

1.Place the filter in the Chemex. The filters are pre-folded into four sheets: separate them in half with one side of a leaf and the other three leaves. Put the thickest side against the spout.
2. Using a tilting kettle, rinse with hot water and wait until it is completely drained. This preheats the Chemex and eliminates the filter paper taste.
3.Let the filter in place and discard the water.
4.Add the coffee and start the brewing
5.First extraction: Sprinkle the coffee for 30 to 45 seconds from the center of the cone to the outside of the cone, turning spirally to cover the coffee with water. At this point, avoid direct contact between the filter and the water.
6. Second extraction: wait 15 seconds and pour the rest of the water using the same method.
7.Once the extraction is complete, remove the filter and enjoy.

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Excellente qualité d'extraction s'il fallait le rappeler! L'anse de cette Chemex est ergonomique et la cafetière est un classique du design du XXème siècle. C'est donc un objet beau et fonctionnel.

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