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DeLonghi ECP 33.21+ 50 pods free

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Between strength and sweetness, this mocca coffee will seduce you with its harmony.

This coffee is designed for its softness and balance, with a rich composition of 7 different countries. Seven mixed and roasted origins to offer a unique cup taste. Chosen by Théophile 70 years ago, the recipe remains secret and unchanged ...

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Type of coffeePads E.S.E Ø 44mm
Range of coffeeBlends coffee
Tasting noteBetween strength and sweetness, this mocca coffee will seduce you with its harmony.
AromasDried fruits, spices
OriginBrazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Guatemala, India, Kenya
Altitude500m - 1700m
Composition 90% Arabica - 10% Robusta
Conditioning50 pods
RangeCafé supérieur

This is our Delonghi ECP 33.21 Black Inox machine, which now replaces our Delonghi ECP 35.31! Do you want to know the key functions of this machine? Yes ? Sure ? You may buy it ...

 Well, here we are. The Delonghi ECP 33.21 can turn heads with its incredible price-quality. The ECP 35.31 4 kg machine fits perfectly in your kitchen room. We are really on a high quality product. With its stainless steel body and black color, make your guests succumb with our small Barista machine. Still not convinced? Let us explain what this machine can really do. You will not believe it.

Some technical information ...

The boiler of the machine is made of stainless steel. That means your boiler is heating up, of course, but the heat of it will not damage your machine in the long run. With our Delonghi ECP 33.21, you are sure to have come across the right machine. Not only does it warm up very quickly to serve you at all times, but in addition, you do not risk anything with the heat. The machine accompanies you throughout your daily life, and that for many years if you maintain it well ...

How to use it ?

This machine is very easy to use. Indeed, you have a single key, so button. With this button, you have three positions to choose from. You can turn the knob to the right, which will make you a very small coffee so ristretto. If, on the other hand, you turn the knob to the left, you concoct a longer specialty. What is the third option? Of course, this is the steam nozzle. It serves you as a cappuccinator or "milk heater". Using the nozzle, prepare a cappuccino worthy of a professional espresso machine ...

At the water level?

The machine is innovative. It contains two separate and separate thermostats. One serves you for water, the second for steam. Thus, your smart machine is ready at any time to prepare the specialties you have always dreamed of with a small machine like this one.

How do I know if my machine is ready for use?

Ah. It's so simple ... As you can see in the picture above, the machine has a light indicator. This one, once lit and apparent, it clearly signals that your machine is ready for use. And, thanks to the boiler, your machine heats up very quickly. Although the machine contains more than one liter of water, 1 liter and 100 ml to be precise, do not worry: the machine turns on very quickly and you concoct your espresso, long coffee, or steam and milk froth.

I heard that ... pods? Ground coffee ?

Totally friends. The Delonghi ECP 33.21 black machine is fully compatible with ground coffee and pods. Just make sure you change the correct filters. Below each filter will be indicated its compatibility. For the pod filter, you will find that there is a pod designed. For ground coffee, it's exactly the same.

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Settings and functionsHot water, Grounded coffee
Portions/dayUp to 15
Type of coffeePads E.S.E Ø 44mm , Grounded Coffee
Height30.5 cm
Width18.5 cm
Depth24 cm
Weight4 kgs
Voltage220-240 V / 50-60 Hz
Number of selections3
Maximum height for cups13 cm
Water tank capacity1.1 L
First filter1 cup for ground
Second Filter2 cups for ground
Third Filterwith pods ESE 44 mm
Type of modelECP 33.21

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