China Chun Mee 100G Vrac
  • China Chun Mee 100G Vrac
  • China Chun Mee 100G Vrac

China Chun Mee loose tea 100G


China Chun Mee green tea, ideal to accompany throughout the day.

Chinese worm tea, Chun Mee in bulk, is a staple in the classics. It means "old man's eyebrows" because of its dried twisted leaves. The fragrance offered is flowery and sweet. The character of this Chun Mee tea is sweet.

The ingredient is green tea.

The dominant aroma is floral.

We recommend infusing it 3 to 4 minutes at 85-90 ° C degrees.

Prepare 1 to 2 grams of tea for 25cl of water per cup.

Aromas Natural flowers
Origin China
Conditioning 100 gr.
Tea family Thé vert
Preparation temperature 85-90°C
Volume préparation 250 ml
Preparation time 3-4 min
Astuce de préparation 1-2 GR – 250 ml
Tea class Origin tea
Tea scents Flowers
Ingredients 100% green tea
What time of day All day long

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