Macap Coffee Grinder M2D C05
  • Macap Coffee Grinder M2D C05

Macap Coffee Grinder M2D C05


Your mill M2D White, MACAP!

With its simple filter holder, easily grind your coffee beans with precision. Its design catches the eye, but its technique too. Who is MACAP? Manufacturer of great reputation of Italy since 1930, this brand offers a huge variety of different coffee grinders.

Beautiful, elegant, it goes smoothly to the left or right of your espresso machine.

The grinds?

Yes, the mill MACAP offers you to adjust your grind at any time. Several levels, several desires. Choose the grind that suits you, or that fits your machine. It's time to let the mechanics take care of your coffee.

The capacity

The mill has a capacity of 250 grams of coffee beans. Wonderful no? Pour your package of 250 grams of grains, choose, grind. It has never been easier to grind coffee at home. Fast, efficient, and elegant.

This mill does not grind at random. It delivers EXACT quantity so you can enjoy an espresso at the top of the top! So your cup will be worthy of a restaurant.

Mill techniques?

The MACAP M2D mill features all-steel and flat grinding wheels. These wheels are manufactured with a diameter of 50 mm.

How to recover your ground coffee after grinding?

The base will get your coffee just ground. No task, no problem on your workplace. With you to play, by choosing this product, you choose the best espressi.

Settings and functions
Beans tray 250G
Height 383 mm
Width 152 mm
Depth 250 mm
Weight 4,7 kg
Power 150 W

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