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Lelit Gilda Pl41PLUS

par Lelit


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It must first be noted that this machine is similar to our Lelit PL41EM. Our PL41EM has a very high quality steel body. It weighs 8.80 kg too. Its boiler is also brass ... which gives an argument in more in common with the PL41PLUS! But ... what are the differences? The boiler of our LELIT PL41PLUS has a larger boiler and a filter holder with 58mm group.

Using the Lelit PL41PLUS, discover your Barista skills. By opting for this machine, go with the best coffee grinder and coffee. In a few minutes, make coffees worthy of a Coffee Shop. Let's take a look at its specificities. We must insist on it! Let's go back point by point. You will be convinced in a few lines, we assure you. We will describe the quality of the machine and its body, explain its use, the high-tech used!

So let's start with the specifics of the machine

You should know that each machine produced by LELIT has a stainless steel body. In addition, the group and the filter holder are entirely made of brass: this allows you to maintain a very precise and stable temperature. What is the purpose of his thermometer? It is simply used to control the temperature of the boiler constantly when your coffee is being prepared.

Use, how to do?

As you can see on the machine, our LELIT PL41PLUS has two lever buttons. The texts therein are registered to facilitate your use. How to preheat your machine? About twenty minutes are recommended to connect the espressi! You will find that the machine is much more powerful when you let him warm up. This allows him to put himself in good conditions to listen to you and extract coffee at your request. Very simple: The water tank is removable in seconds. The steam is chrome. The PL41PLUS machine from Lelit also has a cup warmer on the top of the machine because you have to know that when your cups are cold, you risk a thermal shock when your coffee flows into the cup. Important!

High-tech at Lelit PL41PLUS!

Your machine is hot. Yes ! Thanks to the boiler, which has 300 ml of brass water so that your temperature is always controlled and stable. Always with its 3-way solenoid valve, LELIT PL41PLUS allows you to remove the pressure from your filter holder at the end of the coffee. So when your coffee passes the extraction stage, thanks to the solenoid valve, your machine cleans itself of its encrusted residues. The solenoid valve protects your pump when your machine is under pressure. Everything is controlled at LELIT!

If we recap our blah on our LELIT PL41PLUS:

It is a machine adapted for private customers who like ESPRESSI;

The machine can reach up to 15 coffees a day (recommendation);

The machine has no grinder and therefore works with espresso ground coffee;

The machine is supplied with 1 filter holder and two filters for 1 or 2 cups;

The water tank is 2 liters for a more efficient use;

The machine has a boiler;

If you are wondering if there is hot water, yes: by the steam nozzle;

The maximum height to reach in the cups is 7cm;

The machine is made of stainless steel;

The filter holder and the group are made of brass.

Settings and functions
Tank 2 L
First filter
1 filtre pour 1 tasse
Second Filter
1 filtre pour 2 tasses
Type of model
Lelit PL41PLUS
Hot water
34 cm
22.5 cm
26.5 cm
8.8 kgs
1200 W

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