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Vietnam ROBUSTA 250G


Vietnam is ranked 2nd largest coffee producer in the world, after Brazil. It alone represents nearly 20% of world coffee production. We like it especially for its robust tastes and strength in caffeine. In fact, Vietnam only produces Robusta, mainly.

When coffee was first discovered in the country, 33% were said to be land covered with coffee trees. The country is known for its beautiful crops of rice, tea, coffee, sugar cane and more. We will talk about the discovery of Vietnamese coffee in the 19th century. A country colonized by France at that time, the country produced only arabica. Today, it is quite the opposite. In 1990, Vietnam produced only 1% of the world's coffee production. Today, he ranks second after Brazil. In 10 years, the country has become the world's No.1 producer of Robusta coffee.

It is in the heart of Dak Lak province that the current Vietnam Robusta coffee is produced. This province has more than 200,000 hectares of production and supplies nearly 70% of Vietnamese coffee in the world. Vietnam also produces arabica, but this crop will be found in mountainous regions like SonLa, Lai chau, Thanh Hoa and many more.

When tasting this coffee, we appreciate the perfect balance between bitterness and sweetness. The dominant aromas are black coffee, roasted hazelnuts and intense chocolate. This is 100% Robusta, and the harvest takes place between September and December each year. The cultivation and harvest altitude is between 500 and 750 meters: this is the average plateau suitable for growing Robusta coffee.

Tasting note Acidulé avec un peu d' amertume
Aromas Noisette grillée
Roasting Very light Light Blonde Amber Brown Italian
Strength 8
Acidity 1/5
Origin Vietnam
Altitude 500m - 750m
Composition Vietnam
Harvest period septembre à décembre
Features Specialty Coffee
Conditioning 250G
Made in Switzerland

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