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Ethiopia Italian Roasting 250G


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The origin of coffee
The history of coffee begins in AD 850, so it is about the discovery of the shepherd Khaldi. He used to walk his goats in the fields to feed them plants. According to Khaldi legend, the goats consumed the cherries from the coffee trees and were agitated. Indeed, coffee is a stimulant and, with heavy consumption, we feel restless.
This shepherd had made the decision to bring his coffee back to the monks of the city to tell them about his famous discovery. The monks then consumed in their turn in order to stay awake and to say their prayers ...
The birth of roasted coffee, a legend? The monks, with a high consumption, would have eaten the cherries of the coffee trees and spat out the stones, which would eventually reach the fire. The beans, which had a very good smell in contact with the flame, immediately aroused the curiosity of his monks, and this is how roasted coffee was born ...
Okay, but what is the pure origin of the coffee cherry? We have a tendency to be wrong, since this is Ethiopia! This is the country where the first coffee plant, Koffea Arabica, was. Its leaves were consumed through an infusion.
And Yemen in all of this? The Yemenis would have taken Ethiopian plants to make a roasted coffee trade in Harrar, a market place. This is how the colonization of coffee took place from country to country from Yemen, passing through their port of embarkation, Mocha.
Our pure origin coffee will be accompanied by intense and complex acidity, while being underlined by a pleasant sweetness. Light body and a floral taste in a cup, Ethiopia is one of the most fruity coffees in the world. Citrus, floral and chocolate aromas: We have a perfect balance in the cup. This coffee will be perfect for both espresso and Slow Coffee. Since Ethiopian coffee is so special, its Italian roast gives it the body it needs to be enjoyed anytime of the day.

Aromas Pure dark chocolate
Roasting Very light Light Blonde Amber Brown
Strength 5
Acidity 2/5
Origin Ethiopia
Composition 100% Arabica
Conditioning 250G

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