Blend Jamaica, Brasil, Honduras 250G


Jamaican coffee is a type of coffee obtained by growing coffee in the Blue Mountains. Jamaican coffees are highly valued for their sweet flavor. Besides, to date, the grains of the Blue Mountains are the most sought after in the world, which makes them as expensive and inaccessible. Jamaican coffee is considered to be the exceptional bean in the world. It is often unearthed to be roasted manually and by hand with care. Jamaican Blue Mountains coffee was discovered during the 18th century when countries traded a few coffee plants. When Jamaica sends its coffee that grows in the Blue Mountains, it ends up being unanimous. It is more than 2,200 meters above sea level in the blue mountains that the grains grow on very rich soil and soft vegetation.
Discover our Jamaica Blend made from 100% Arabas, including at least 20% from Jamaica Blue Mountain. Composed of Grands Crus from Jamaica, Brazil and Honduras, opt for an exceptional coffee.

Roasting Very light Light Blonde Amber Brown Italian
Strength 3
Acidity 2/5
Origin Brazil Honduras Jamaica
Conditioning 250G
Made in Switzerland

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