Ethiopie Yirgacheffe 250G Grains
  • Ethiopie Yirgacheffe 250G Grains

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe 250G


Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, taste the Ethiopian exception.
Yirgacheffe coffees from Ethiopia are mainly known to be exceptions in the mouth. They are fruity and very tasty. The aromas are often the same: rose, tropical fruit and caramel. The texture during tasting is very silky, non-aggressive for the palate. Beautiful notes of cocoa, pineapple and passion fruit are felt on the finish. A very pleasant coffee.

Yirgacheffe coffee is classified in the gourmet and fruity aromatic repertoire, because of its beautiful aromas of coconut. The coffee is processed naturally, which allows a coffee with a generous and powerful body, which reveals all the tastes of the soil. It is in the heart of the Gedeo region that several producers come together and bring their coffee to process. The Gedeo region is found at more than 2,000 meters above sea level, mainly processing the Heirloom variety.

Aromas Cacao, noix de coco
Roasting Very light Light Blonde Amber Brown Italian
Strength 4
Acidity 2/5
Origin Ethiopia
Production region Yirgacheffe
Coffee plantation Gedeo, Yirgacheffe
Coffee farmer Several producers
Altitude 2000 m
Composition 100% Arabica
Variety Heirloom
Conditioning 250G
Made in Switzerland

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