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Rwanda Fugi Station 250G Grains
  • Rwanda Fugi Station 250G Grains

Rwanda Fugi Station 250G


Fugi, Rwanda
In Fugi in Rwanda, the coffee beans are washed and treated with special attention, everything is in the details. The grains offer an exceptional and sweet taste, with exceptional notes of orange and vanilla. The quality of the coffee produced is fully washed bourbon. It is at the heart of the FUJI cooperative that dozens of families meet to share the same passion: coffee. The Fuji station puts its interests at the heart of the population, since it itself supplies the water, the station and the equipment that follows to maintain the coffee. Nothing is left to chance.

Bourbon red is produced a few meters from Fuji station, more than 1,550 meters above sea level, sometimes as high as 1,850 meters. An exceptional local coffee. The owner is Café Baho which is located in the Nyaraguru department. This department is located in the heart of the Southern Province, where the farm is located with its 250 coffee trees.

Aromas Vanilla
Roasting Very light Light Blonde Amber Brown Italian
Strength 5
Acidity 4/5
Origin Rwanda
Production region Nyaruguru, Province du Sud
Coffee plantation Station de lavage FUGI
Coffee farmer Café Baho
Altitude 1550 - 1850 m
Area of the farm 25 ha
Composition 100% Arabica
Variety Bourbon
Treatment Washed
Conditioning 250G
Made in Switzerland

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