Nicaragua San Juan Del Rio Coco Bio 250G Grains
  • Nicaragua San Juan Del Rio Coco Bio 250G Grains

Nicaragua San Juan Del Rio Coco Bio 250G


San Juan del Rio Coco Bio? It’s an exceptional coffee that comes straight from Nicaragua.

Quality coffee SHG EP, it is at the heart of the UCA San Juan Del Rio Coco cooperative that this exceptional coffee is produced. UCA stands for Union De Cooperativas Agropecuarias San Juan Del Rio Coco. This cooperative is 100% committed to the quality of coffee, which is for it the most important point in the cultivation of coffee.

In order to develop the best grain aromas throughout the production chain, the producers agree to bring the coffee beans, which are still wet, to the Cooperative for guaranteed freshness. It is then the experts of the cooperative who take over from the rest of the grain processing. Processed coffee washed, the producers bet on an irreproachable quality of the grain.

Each producer has an average of 2.8 hectares of production, all located in altitudes ranging from 900 to 1,300 meters. We will not talk about an owner on the spot: we are talking about a UCA cooperative that brings together more than 350 producers, families, peasants. It is of course in the heart of the Madriz region that this fabulous bourbon is produced.

The coffee is 100% organic. Producer families are committed to producing sustainably and responsibly. The cherries are harvested manually to guarantee work for farming families, but not only. Indeed, producers avoid any industrial harvesting, because the machines harm the environment. This method being contrary to their value, families undertake to harvest on their own.

Aromas Black spices
Roasting Very light Light Blonde Amber Brown Italian
Strength 6
Acidity 3/5
Origin Nicaragua
Production region Madriz, San Juan del Rio Coco
Coffee plantation San Juan Del Rio Coco
Coffee farmer Over 370 Rio Coco producers
Altitude 900 - 1'300 m
Area of the farm 2,8 ha per family
Composition 100% Arabica
Variety Bourbon
Treatment Washed
Conditioning 250G
Made in Switzerland

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