Guatemala Laguna De Ayarza 250G Grains
  • Guatemala Laguna De Ayarza 250G Grains

Guatemala Laguna De Ayarza 250G


Laguna de Ayarza, an exceptional coffee from Guatemala.
At the heart of the slopes of the crater lake of Laguna de Ayarza are among the most beautiful cherries in the world which ripen slowly for optimal complexity. The region has dream climate conditions for growing coffee. The grains are very soft and dense during the harvest. We recognize a 100% Guatemalan culture.

The coffee is of Full Washed quality, or fully washed. We will not talk about a cooperative: we are talking about bringing together various farms that share the same passion: the cultivation of specialty coffee. The variety mainly produced is Pache at more than 1,400 meters above sea level, enough to appreciate the sudden climatic changes. These small farms come together in Laguna de Ayarza in various regions such as the Canton Valencia, Manzanillo, El Duranzo, Los Anonos and Matazano in the heart of the department / region of Santa Rosa.

The small producer families that come together produce only on an area of ​​0.2 to 1.5 hectares each.

Did you know that Laguna De Ayarza is the region that has brought together farms for a long time? It would be the first place of production in the country, to still exist.

The small producing families bring their coffee to the heart of Laguna de Ayarza in Santa Rosa and are paid by the weight of the coffee. It is at this meeting point that the coffee will be processed from A to Z. Once the processing operations have been carried out, the coffee is taken to Villa Nueva at the port for the export of green coffee.

Aromas Citrus, orange
Roasting Very light Light Blonde Amber Brown Italian
Strength 3
Acidity 4/5
Origin Guatemala
Production region Santa Rosa, Canton Valencia
Coffee plantation Laguna de Ayarza
Coffee farmer Small producer families
Altitude 0,2 à 1,5 ha per family
Treatment Washed
Conditioning 250G
Made in Switzerland

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