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Coffeebeans Blend des Artisans Le Viennois 250G

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70% Robusta - 30% Arabica

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Racy coffee
Blonde Ambrée Brune
Brazil, Colombia, India
Several producers
900-1300 m
70% Robusta - 30% Arabica
Le Viennois, un café des 1960 revisité!
Café label
Cafés de qualité supérieure concordant à une région de production.
Café Micro-lot
Cafés de très haute qualité issus de terroirs exclusifs et spécifiques sélectionnés pour leurs préparations spécifiques.
Café de terroir
Cafés de grande qualité identifiés pour leurs typicités sélectionnés en direct auprès de petits producteurs.

Let's go back to the heart of the sixties when Théophile presented us his secret recipe for Viennese coffee. We revisit it today, keeping the same recipe!

What are the peculiarities of this incredible mix?

Particularity of Brazil's coffees

Brazil is producing coffee to nearly a third of the world. The country of Brazil is therefore the largest producer of coffee in the world. Around 30,000 square kilometers of plantations are currently being worked across the country. Brazil is succeeding thanks to its very favorable climatic conditions, favorable to the growth of coffee. Coffee arrives in Brazil in the 19th century. As one of the world's leading coffee producers, one hundred years ago it had achieved the 80% of coffee supply in the world.

Our Pure Origin coffee from Brazil grows south of Minas Gerais: This is the most favorable place for coffee growing. Thanks to the climate, the soil, the altitudes, this Grand Cru origin offers us a very sweet coffee by its sweet body and its perfect balance between the tip of bitterness and the acidity. It is perfect in espresso.

Particularity of Colombia coffee

Colombia offers mainly a mild and balanced climate, which favors the growth of coffee trees in a healthier environment. The more Colombia produces at altitude, the better our coffee! Due to high altitude, trees tend to grow more slowly at their speed to favor the sugar and complexity of the coffee. Did you know that the tastes of each coffee change according to its place of production? Between two different regions, but from the same country as Colombia, coffee tasting is not the same. Each develops its aromatic profile.

Particularity of coffee of India

Coffee grows throughout the country, depending on the climate, which has to be adapted for coffee. Neither too hot nor too much rain: there must be a perfectly tropical and sometimes humid climate to accelerate the growth of coffee. However, 60% of Indian coffee production is in the South, where the climate is as variable as possible. The cultivation of coffee is thus very stable.

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