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Coffeebeans Costa Rica Los Encinos Tarrazu 250G

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100% Arabica

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Cocoa, hazelnut, tangerine
Blonde Ambrée Brune
Costa Rica
Los Encinos
Famille Navarro Ceciliano
100% Arabica
Blend of varieties
December to February
740 g/L
This sweet coffee has aromas of cocoa, hazelnut and caramel. It is a well balanced coffee. In the end, it releases notes of lemon and caramel very pleasant but short.

The Navarros are a close-knit family producing coffee for three generations. Eduardo Navarro Jimenez inherited his father's farm and continued to produce coffee and buy new farms. The family currently has seven farms spread among the family members. Indeed, Eduardo and his wife Pascuala Ceciliano have six children: three boys (Eduardo, José Luis and Juan Carlos) and three girls (Yesenia, Carmen Luisa and Ana Maria), all involved today in coffee. It is however Eduardo who manages more closely the management of the farms and the Beneficio.

When the children (third generation of producers) took back control of the farms, they decided to switch to the production of specialty coffees.
The farms are all parcellized, the Navarros were able to work with microlots they send to a small neighboring Benefico to dry or wash the coffee before boarding.

In 2016, the family finally invested in a processing plant to control their own coffees. They built a fairly large infrastructure and equipped with Pinhalense machines to de-pulp and wash. From the contraction of their surnames, Navarro and Ceciliano, they named the Beneficio the Coffee Nace.

In their different farms (San Cristobal, Los Angeles, La Guaria, Guaria 2, Rio Conejo, San Gabriel and El Rosario), they decided not to use herbicides.

The coffee grows under shade and is harvested manually by harvesters and family members. At the end of each harvest, once a year, Pascuala organizes a meal in the small family home for all the pickers having finished the season. The coffee is then machined in their Beneficio and dried on the patio.

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