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Coffeebeans Brazil Bob-Link Caparao 250G

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100% Arabica

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Red fruits, honey
Alto do Caparao
Bob o Link
Deneval Miranda
100% Arabica
Blend of varieties
Café label
Cafés de qualité supérieure concordant à une région de production.
Café Micro-lot
Cafés de très haute qualité issus de terroirs exclusifs et spécifiques sélectionnés pour leurs préparations spécifiques.
Café de terroir
Cafés de grande qualité identifiés pour leurs typicités sélectionnés en direct auprès de petits producteurs.

The project Bob o Link is the project of life, led by the Croce family in their farm Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza. They like to summarize this project through the following phrase: "to be a sustainable farm, socially, ecologically and economically - a model that ensures sustainability for the individual, the family, the business community and society as a whole. together".

This project is based on a sustainable polyculture system, in organic farming. Farms produce high quality coffee, under shade, but also fruits, vegetables, honey, wood and dairy products to ensure diversified incomes.

Why this name? The Bob-o-Link is a migratory bird very affected by the development of monocultures in his country of residence. The farms of this project being ideal places of life for this bird, it also became the symbol.

To become a Bob-o-Link producer, producers must adhere to the following rules:
- Plant shade trees for coffee trees and for the farm
- Create irrigation canals to preserve water
- Remove the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides
- Install African beds & sorting machines on farms
- Harvest selectively by hand
- Take an interest in tasting and sensory analysis of their coffees
- Have alternative productions
- Install apiaries.

It was the meeting of Deneval Miranda that allowed the project Bob O Link to export to the terroir of Caparao.

Located on the Cordilheiras do Caparaó, on the northeast slope of the mountains of Pico da Bandeira. A leader in his region, Deneval is a federator who has been able to bring people together around the Bob O Link project of the Croce family. More than 40 farms in his immediate neighborhood have joined his project to produce Bob O Link coffees.

Last year, about 2 containers were exported, with lots sometimes reducing to 5 bags, which requires a very important selection work.

The harvest at FAF takes place from June to September and in Caparaó from July to November, which allows to benefit from Bob O Link cafes all year long!
The coffees are manually harvested and dried on African beds for 20 days.

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