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Brazil Araponga Coffeebeans 250G

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100% Arabica

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Hazelnut, Sweet pepper, Sugar
Sitio Cambuta
Horacio Antonio Moura
100% Arabica
NY2 15+
776 G/L
A fresh nose with vegetal and spicy notes. The texture is silky on the palate, with hints of hazelnut and ganache. The length leaves a sweet sensation of hot sugar in the mouth.
Café label
Cafés de qualité supérieure concordant à une région de production.
Café Micro-lot
Cafés de très haute qualité issus de terroirs exclusifs et spécifiques sélectionnés pour leurs préparations spécifiques.
Café de terroir
Cafés de grande qualité identifiés pour leurs typicités sélectionnés en direct auprès de petits producteurs.

The farm Sítio Cambuta, managed by Horacio Antonio Moura and his father, Vincente Jacinto, is located in Simonesia in the region of Araponga on a terroir where specialty coffees are gaining ground on intensive coffee. Araponga is one of the most prestigious areas of Brazil, with very high altitudes up to 2900m for its highest mountain, the Pico da Neblina.

Horacio Antonio Moura manages with his father farm Sítio Cambuta. This farm is located in Simonesia, in the region of Araponga, on a terroir where specialty coffees gain a lot of ground. The farm is located near the forest of Sossego, which has preserved the largest primate of the Americas: the muriqui North. More information on this nature reserve is available at the following link:

Horacio's property has been in the family for 7 generations. He started producing specialty coffees in 2003, but has always sought to produce high quality coffee.
The coffees are pulped and then fermented for 12 hours in wet bins. They are then dried on cemented surfaces for 2 to 3 days in order to carry out the pre-drying. The coffees are dried on concrete patios and on African beds.

Their first specialty coffee produced a score of 86 points, awarded at the time by the Association of Araponga Specialty Coffee Producers.

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