Swisscoffee Coffeebeans 250G Cafés Trottet
  • Swisscoffee Coffeebeans 250G Cafés Trottet

Swisscoffee Coffeebeans 250G

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Our Swisscoffee beans are composed of Robusta and Arabica coffees that harvest from 50 to 1500 m altitude to harvest the coffee cherries, thus forming our blend. It is roasted in the heart of our Meyrin workshop. The Robusta gives it all the necessary crema and the proper balance to have a balanced coffee. The Arabicas, which make up most of the coffee, give rich notes, fresh aromas from Brazil and Colombia. Robusta comes from Vietnam.

The selected coffee beans of Brazil and Colombia are washed, and Vietnam nature. All form our Swisscoffee.

On the palate, we have a tart coffee, with fresh notes of lemongrass, light roasting. The coffee is still strong in the mouth, with a nice hint of acidity.

Aromas Cocoa, red fruits
Roasting Very light Light Blonde Amber Brown
Strength 8
Acidity 1/5
Origin Brazil Colombia Vietnam
Altitude 50 - 1'500 m
Composition 95% Arabica 5% Robusta
Treatment Natural Washed
Buyer François, Gabriel Trottet
Conditioning 250G

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