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Robustarabica 10 capsules x 5 Pack

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Ah, finally a balanced coffee between Robusta and Arabica.

What is Arabica?

Arabica is a species. It is a tree growing at very high altitude. So your coffee becomes very complex, acidic, fruity, dense. Not to mention the sweetness of your cup ...

And then, the Robusta?

We still think that Arabica and Robusta are fighting each other. But in fact ... Arabica is a species. Robusta is a variety that comes from Canephora. The Robusta, on a chain, is below the Canephora. So, it's much more accurate to say Arabica VS Canephora. But we have all inked this name: Robusta.

Why a RobustArabica coffee?

It's simple. We wanted to give a new meaning to a coffee dating back several decades. Indeed, it is about a very old test of Théophile Trottet. Today, we want to put it back in the spotlight. So, we designed the RobustArabica. This means that this coffee contains 50% Arabica and 50% Robusta. This allows us to find a perfect balance between a variety and a species.

An Arabica will rather develop fruity flavors as well as an enormous complexity in its aromatic repertoire. The Robusta, in turn, will rather favor the bitter side. The two products together are going to lay a coffee out of the ordinary. Have you ever seen a product assembled in this way? No ? It's time to taste it at Cafés Trottet.

Fiche technique

Type of coffee Capsules Nespresso ®* compatibles
Range of coffee Blends coffee
Aromas Mix of red fruits with balanced bitterness
Roasting Amber Roasting
Strength 8
Acidity 3
Origin Kenya, Madagascar
Coffee farmer Several producers
Altitude Arabica 1900 m / Robusta 800 m
Composition Arabica 50 % / Robusta 50 %
Variety Arabica K7 / Robusta Kouillou
Harvest period October to March
Treatment Washed, Natural
Washing Washed Arabica
Fermentation Fermented Arabica
Grade Arabica AA
Humidity Arabica 10.2%
Density Arabica 6.78 g/l
Screen Arabica 18/19
Buyer Cafés Trottet
Expert advice Perfect balance between bitterness and acidity
Method of preparation Recommended for an espresso
Conditioning 10 capsules
Range Café supérieur

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