Hario Syphon 5 Cups
  • Hario Syphon 5 Cups
  • Hario Syphon 5 Cups
  • Hario Syphon 5 Cups
  • Hario Syphon 5 Cups
  • Hario Syphon 5 Cups
  • Hario Syphon 5 Cups
  • Hario Syphon 5 Cups
  • Hario Syphon 5 Cups
  • Hario Syphon 5 Cups

Hario Syphon 5 Cups


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Roasting tips: very coarse. A fine grind will give a drink that is too acidic and overloaded with coffee particles. Between 10 and 12gr of coffee per 100ml of water to be measured with the Hario spoon sold with the Siphon or the Hario scale.

Little idea of ​​the tutorial!

The Siphon coffee maker is a coffee maker slow coffee, reason why its extraction is slow and takes time. The steps may seem long, since we need between 5 and 15 minutes for the entire procedure, but it is worth it, when we infuse an exceptional coffee, terroir ...


Weighing coffee

We weigh the coffee by estimating that we take 10 grams of coffee per cup, which must be multiplied by the number of people. Let's assume that we prepare the syphon for 5 people.

10 gr of coffee is 100 gr of water on the scale, in total 50 gr of coffee and 500 gr of water.



Coffee beans should be coarsely ground, as granular as sugar.



The siphon filter must first be rinsed with hot water, allowing it to bathe for a maximum of 5 minutes to remove any residues.


The filter should be placed at the bottom of the siphon at the top of the coffeemaker. The metal hook once passed through the siphon tube should be attached as a staple.


The coffee maker

Fill the lower part of the coffee maker with hot water, ie 500 gr of water.

In the upper part, add the coarsely ground coffee. Subsequently, you must attach the spare parts of the Slow Coffee.


The infusion

The assembled coffee maker must be placed on a hot plate (see detailed operating instructions), especially on a plate such as Hario Beam Heater. The water must pass through the coffee maker and go up in the upper part, like magic. Once all the water has risen, remove the coffee maker from the plate. Under the effect of a drop in heat, the brewed coffee iron through the water trap, leaving of course the coffee grounds above.


The coffee is ready to be tasted.

Grounded Coffee
600 ml

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