Bodum ePEBO 8 Cups 1L


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BODUM opens a new chapter in its legend by presenting the electric version of the PEBO vacuum coffee maker.

The best way to prepare a delicious cup of hot black coffee.

The method of preparation by depression is called "Siphoning", especially in the United States. At the moment, lovers of good black coffee swear by the vacuum coffee machine. Thanks to an ideal balance between temperature and brewing time, this preparation method makes it possible to extract all the precious oils from the coffee beans. The vacuum created during the infusion process preserves the flavors, allowing you to savor all the aromas of the best coffee beans. Not to mention the pleasure of the eyes: the PEBO coffee maker in action is a real scientific show every time.

 Coffee preparation with BODUM PEBO coffee maker. Step by step.

The PEBO coffee maker is made from selected materials to ensure safety and ease of use. The hot plate is fixed in position to ensure the stability of the bowl which is easily cleaned with hot water after use. The built-in filter allows you to extract all the aromatic oils from the coffee without letting the coffee get through to avoid deposits in the bottom of your cup.
1. Pour the water into the lower bowl and put the top bowl in place.
2. Pour the ground coffee into the top bowl and close the lid.


 Light the PEBO and watch the miracle happen before your eyes. When the water reaches 94 ° C, the ideal brewing temperature, it goes back into the upper bowl of the coffee maker, where it mixes with the coffee.
1.The coffee brews for 4 minutes into the funnel and flows into the lower bowl through the filter, preserving the intensity of the flavors. At the end of the process, the PEBO changes automatically to keep the coffee warm.


And There you go. You have prepared the perfect black coffee in record time!

Grounded Coffee
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