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Capsules Nespresso®* compatibles Italian Blend 10 capsules


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80% Arabica - 20% Robusta

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Intense and powerful, this blend subtly combines pure arabicas of different origins for a full-bodied Italian coffee, enhanced by a slight bitterness.
Dried fruits, spices
Blonde roasting Amber Roasting Deep roasting
Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Guatemala, India, Kenya
80% Arabica - 20% Robusta
François, Gabriel Trottet
Let yourself be surprised by the character of an Italian espresso.
10 capsules

The Italian blend, a historical blend, is the first blend created by Théophile Trottet in 1947. This blend, designed for its body and fruity notes, is composed of 7 different origins. Seven assembled and roasted origins representing the 3 producing continents, South and Central America, Africa and Asia.

Chosen by Théophile Trottet 70 years ago, it represents the idea that consumers of the time were making a good coffee, Italian style. A roast and Robusta, which brings more body and intensity to the cup.

Composed only of great wines, the Italian blend is carefully mixed and regularly tasted by our experts to maintain its unique character and consistent quality.

We can keep its unique taste through the methodical monitoring of our blends but also by the selection method used to buy all our coffees.


Parfumé, ni amer ni trop fort. Café agréable à déguster


Très bon merci


un très bon cru à mon avis pour toute la journée et le soir, très content
Claude.-P. N.


Mon café préféré du matin au soir. Il n’est ni trop doux ni trop fort et aussi bon en espresso comme en café normal




Café très apprécié par nos hôtes qui dégustent à volonté ce délicieux café dans nos chambres d'hôtes.
Chambres d'hôtes "Mon Rêve"


Mer, volcan, soleil, montagne, oliviers, raisin, tout cela donne le mélange italien.
C'est ma façon de dire que j'aime le café!


Puissant avec une légère amertume: un vrai espresso à l'italienne comme je les aime.

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