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Capsules Nespresso®* compatibles Asia 10 capsules


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100% Arabica

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Fragrance of ripe fruit
Blonde Ambrée Brune
India, Indonesia, Nepal
Several producers
670-1'200 m
alkaline, reddish
100% Arabica
Subtle coffee for Slow Coffee lovers
10 capsules

Let's dive into the heart of Asian Flavors with our Asian coffee made up of India, Nepal and Indonesia ...

Particularity of coffee of India

Coffee grows throughout the country, depending on the climate, which has to be adapted for coffee. Neither too hot nor too much rain: there must be a perfectly tropical and sometimes humid climate to accelerate the growth of coffee. However, 60% of Indian coffee production is in the South, where the climate is as variable as possible. The cultivation of coffee is thus very stable.

Coffee in Indonesia

Coffee production is the basis of Indonesia's economy. Indeed, only a few years ago, it accounted for 6% of world coffee production, which ranks Indonesia as the world's 3-4th largest producer after Brazil and Colombia. Initially undeveloped country, the culture of the coffee knew how to bring back big to the country, since the development of the country saw its growth explode since this trade. Indonesian coffees are particularly spicy, the producing country plants both Arabica and Robusta. High quality coffees typically grow between 1200 and 1500 m altitude from May to September each year. The most dominant aromas are clove, honey and orange.

The finishing touch, Nepal

Nepal produces mainly high quality coffee, exceptional terroir thus making the cup taste exceptional. The coffees are mostly produced on exceptional terroirs incredibly conducive to culture. Often planted at the foot of mountains like Everest or Ganesh, the coffees are mainly from organic farming. Plantations can reach up to 2,300 meters above sea level for harvesting. The coffees are mainly strong and the harvest takes place every year from November to January ... 100% Arabica!

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