Capsules Korica 10S
  • Capsules Korica 10S
  • Capsules Korica 10S
  • Capsules Korica 10S
  • Capsules Korica 10S
  • Capsules Korica 10S
  • Capsules Korica 10S
  • Capsules Korica 10S
  • Capsules Korica 10S
  • Capsules Korica 10S

Capsules Nespresso®* compatibles Korica 10 capsules

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Costa Rica Nespresso®* capsule compatible Korica will impress for the citrus notes.

After meeting with a Costa Rican producer in Meyrin, in our roasting workshop, we went directly to the Finca El Quizarra plantation. And we brought with us a nice surprise!

El Quizarra is located in the Central Valley region of Costa Rica. The farm is managed by Carole Zbinden, 3rd generation. This fine and lively coffee of Caturra and Catuai varieties is harvested by hand and is processed by washed treatment. This gives it the vivacity and floral and fruity notes characteristic of the washed but also typical of these varieties.

14 hectares of this plantation are used for the cultivation of the coffee which is equivalent to about 77'850 coffee trees whose cherries are harvested by hand and selectively. It requires at least 7 tree crossings to harvest all the cherries at optimal ripening.

Surrounded by the volcano Poas and Barva, the coffee trees grow on a very rich volcanic soil and brings a very particular aromatic complexity to the cup.

The plantation is divided into about thirty parcels of coffee trees between 0 and 25 years old. That is to say, a parcel corresponds to a coffee age group in order to facilitate the turn of the plants. Plots are also defined by a size system and different sun exposure.

On the farm, harvested cherries are processed daily. As a result, all harvested cherries are de-pulped and washed on the day of picking to ensure their freshness. A day of harvest can result in 30 fanegas, that is to say 30 times 46kg of cherries. So a total of 1380kg.

Character bright
Aromas Orange, honey
Roasting Very light Light Blonde Amber Brown Italian
Strength 7
Acidity 3/5
Vintage 2016 - 2017
Origin Costa Rica
Production region Central Valley
Coffee plantation Finca El Quizarra
Coffee farmer Carole Zbinden
Altitude 1400m - 1700m
Type of soil Volcanic
Age of the farm 57 ans
Area of the farm 14 ha
Composition 100% Arabica
Variety Caturra
Color of coffee cherries Red
Harvest period November to March
Treatment Washed
Washing Yes, 3 hours
Fermentation any
Drying time 5 days on patio
Age of coffee trees 15 years on average
Shady fruit trees
Duration of the relationship 1 an
Grade SHB
Humidity 10.5%
Screen 15
Buyer Fanny
Score 86.25
Expert advice We like it for its notes of ripe orange, its perfect balance between aromas as well as its strong citrus acidity and creamy body.
Conditioning 10 capsules
Made in Switzerland
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Très bon parfum, agréable, corsé ce qu'il faut

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