N°5 10 capsules
  • N°5 10 capsules

Capsules Nespresso®* compatibles N°5 10 capsules


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Our No. 5 in compatible capsules an exquisite flavor ...

It is a pure balance between Arabica from South America and the Robusta from Asia that allows us to reveal all the subtle fruity notes with a very intense liquor. This is what we propose the n ° 5 Zanzibar ...

Roasted brown, the coffee is strong and racy in the mouth, but with a very weak or almost nonexistent acidity in the mouth, the palate. The coffee is composed of Arabicas from Brazil, Colombia and Robustas from India for a perfect balance between the two composition. The Grands Crus forming this blend have undergone the washed treatment, thus raising all the clear fruity notes in this coffee.

We all appreciate it for its subtle notes of red fruits, like the berries of the woods.

This coffee fits perfectly for espresso and allows, from the morning, to look good, and to be awake very quickly thanks to the punch offered by the N ° 5 Zanzibar.

Tasting note The balance between South American Arabica and Robusta revealing subtle fruity notes with intense liquor.
Character Harmonious
Aromas Red fruits
Roasting Very light Light Blonde Amber Brown
Strength 7
Acidity 1/5
Origin Brazil Colombia India
Altitude 50m - 1500m
Composition 82% Arabica - 18% Robusta
Treatment Washed
Buyer François, Gabriel Trottet
Expert advice Gabriel loves it for its strength and its subtle fruity notes of wild berries.
Conditioning 10 capsules

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