Philips 3100 Series Ep3362/00 automatic coffeemachine
  • Philips 3100 Series Ep3362/00 automatic coffeemachine
  • Philips 3100 Series Ep3362/00 automatic coffeemachine
  • Philips 3100 Series Ep3362/00 automatic coffeemachine
  • Philips 3100 Series Ep3362/00 automatic coffeemachine
  • Philips 3100 Series Ep3362/00 automatic coffeemachine
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Philips 3100 Series Ep3362/00

by Saeco Philips
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Up to 5,000 cups * without descaling with AquaClean

The AquaClean water filter is our patented innovation. It allows you to get the most out of your fully automatic coffee machine. By changing the filter when the machine invites you, you will only need to descale it when it has prepared 5000 cups, and you will enjoy clear, pure water. Another advantage is that the descaling indicator is automatically deactivated once the AquaClean filter is installed in your coffee machine.


Enjoy 6 different drinks, with ease, including cappuccinos

Enjoy a wide selection of drinks suitable for all occasions. Whether you're looking for an espresso, a classic coffee or a milk-based drink, your Super Automatic machine prepares you a perfect cup, with ease and in no time!


Adjustable volume, 5 intensities and 5 settings of the mill

This fully automatic machine offers a wide range of options for you to create a drink to your liking. Easily personalize each drink by recording the length, intensity and temperature of your choice. Explore, experiment and invent all the drinks that tempt you!


Decaffeinated coffee with the ground coffee option

Sometimes it is good to have the opportunity to enjoy an excellent coffee without the effect of caffeine. Thanks to the ground coffee option, you can make decaffeinated coffee whenever you want.


20,000 cups of excellent coffee with the resistant ceramic grinder

Our 100% ceramic grinder is extremely durable so you can enjoy at least 20,000 cups of freshly brewed aromatic coffee.


Adapt the spout to any cup

The adjustable spout on our espresso machines fits all cups to prevent coffee from cooling or splashing as it flows into your cup. So your espresso is always served at the right temperature, and the machine stays clean.


Creamy milk mousse thanks to the carafe of the milk frother

Each prepared coffee will be covered with a creamy milk foam that will delight your taste buds. The milk carafe boosts the milk twice, then pours without splashing a layer of creamy foam into your cup, all at an ideal temperature. The carafe can also be put in the refrigerator, for impeccable hygiene.


Compact design maximizing capacity

The coffee beans, the water tanks and the grounds container of this ultra-compact machine are of greater capacity, for less frequent fills. Very practical and powerful, this Super Automatic intelligent machine is equipped with a water tank, a coffee bean container and a large capacity container.


An intuitive screen to easily use the machine

The intuitive screen displays all the information you need. Thus, you will interact easily with your machine, in order to obtain optimal performances. Icons guide you through making it easy to select customization options and perform maintenance.


Excellent coffee thanks to automatic rinsing and guided descaling

This espresso machine automatically rinses its coffee circuit with water at start-up and shutdown. So you can enjoy a pure coffee with every cup. Regular descaling extends the life of your espresso machine. It alerts you when it's time to descale and guides you through clear on-screen messages telling you when to intervene and what to do.


Cappuccino and latte macchiato at the touch of a button with the milk carafe

Enjoy ultra-creamy cappuccinos and latte macchiato at the perfect temperature, with ease. Simply pour milk into the carafe, insert it into the machine, and select your favorite beverage. Whether it's a cappuccino or frothed milk, your drink will be served in seconds, without splashing and at the ideal temperature.


Eliminate milk residue after each use with the Milk Clean function

Practical, the exclusive fast cleaning function of the carafe allows you to rinse the milk circuit thoroughly after each use.

Settings and functions
Portions/day Up to 15
Tank 1.8 L
Beans tray 250G
Functions Adjustable amount of water Adjustable intensity Grounded coffee Hot water Integrated maintenance program
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Height 330mm
Width 215mm
Depth 429mm
Weight 7.2 kg
Power 50 Hz
Voltage 230 volt
By on  14 Dec. 2020 (Philips 3100 Series Ep3362/00) :

Excellente machine

Excellente machine pour tout type de cafés, inclus les Capuucinnos et Latte Machiiato

Seul inconvénient pourrais être , la buse réglable ne descend pas beaucoup pour des petit expressos.. Autrement, parfait pour tout autres type de café.

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