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Philips 3100 Series Super Automatique Ep3551/00

par Saeco Philips


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Your new machine, the Philips 3100 Super Automatic espresso machine, model EP3551 / 00 will make you fall in love with it.


Some specifications on our automatic espresso machine

Easy and uncomplicated realization: Our EP3551 / 00 Super Autopomat espresso machine allows you to make espressi and cappuccini at the touch of a button. Not only do you have this ease of use, but you also benefit from using up to 5,000 cups of coffee without having to put your EP3551 00 machine in "descaling" function. Finally, a few words to make you dream, if it is not yet the case: 6 different drinks at the touch of your buttons, the milk carafe to be able to contain your milk at room temperature is integrated. The machine is black, so your machine fits in every corner of your kitchen or office. It also has AquaClean.

The AquaClean

AquaClean is simply the name that Philips gives our EP3551 / 00 espresso machine. The filter, once installed in the water tray of your machine, allows you to prepare up to 5'000 coffees without the need to clean, descale and maintain the interior and ducts of your coffee machine. The AquaClean allows you to keep your EP3551 00 machine intact. By maintaining it, you allow it to maintain these pipes to guarantee you a coffee with incredible taste, like your first cup. A little more with our Philips 3100 Series automatic espresso machine: When you set up your filter cartridge, your descaling indicator is automatically deactivated. This allows you to avoid countless descaling of your automatic coffee machine.

Benefit of various specialties

A wide selection of coffee is available with our Philips 3100 Series Super Automatic EP3551 coffee machine. You have available 6 different varieties. Whether you want an espresso, a standard coffee or a drink that requires the use of the milk carafe, you have all the options in just a few touches.

Various settings that can make you want!

The length of your cup is fully adjustable. Enjoy all the options of your Philips 3100 Series espresso machine. Whether you want a little coffee ristretto way or an extremely long coffee to prepare a delicious Americano, no worries! The machine is fully ready to offer you the best specialties and settings. Intensity at the cup, adjustable too, yes. If you prefer to control your machine in order to adjust the intensities to be able to have less strong coffees and sometimes a little more, it is the machine that you need. Indeed, the 3100 Series machine allows you to adjust all the intensities possible in order to give you the free choice to adapt your cup to your tastes. Mill grinding levels are also adjustable! Indeed, you have 5 different levels of grinding. The finer, the more your coffee will be strong and intense. The rougher your grind is, the less your coffee will be with the cup. So, it's up to you to choose your tastes and preferences.

More about our Philips 3100 Series, Super Automatic

The machine is suitable for use with a milk carafe, thanks to Latte Perfetto technology. The mousse is completely unctuous and will perfectly cover the cup of your coffee. The design of the machine has been reworked to 100% so that you have the opportunity to maximize the capacity of each of your products, water, coffee beans, ground coffee, and milk. Philips provides an intuitive screen for you to live entirely in the current technology! So, get carried away by the idea that your coffee machine looks like your cell phone. Although you have cleaning products for the coffee machine, are you worried about cleaning the milk functions of the coffee machine? Do not panic. You have a "MILK CLEAN" function. It allows you to clean all the MILK ducts thoroughly to ensure the perfect hygiene of your machine.

Settings and functions
Up to 20
Tank 1.8 L Beans tray 250G Waste container 15
Number of selections
Hot water
Grounded coffee
Adjustable amount of water
Adjustable intensity
Programmable shutdown time
Integrated maintenance program
42.9 cm
21.5 cm
33 cm
7.2 kg
230 volts

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