Philips 3000 Series Hd8827/01
  • Philips 3000 Series Hd8827/01
  • Philips 3000 Series Hd8827/01
  • Philips 3000 Series Hd8827/01
  • Philips 3000 Series Hd8827/01
  • Philips 3000 Series Hd8827/01
  • Philips 3000 Series Hd8827/01
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Philips 3000 Series Hd8827/01

by Saeco Philips

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And here is a machine that will make everyone agree ... our Philips 3000 Series, Super Automatic Espresso Machine, HD8827 / 01

Machine accessible to all, our HD8827 / 01 grinds your fresh grain with high precision. The machine prepares four drinks of your choice. In addition, it benefits from a classic milk frother, which prepares you high quality specialties. Philips 3000 Series machine entirely black, it adapts perfectly to the rest of your furniture, as well as your kitchen. Do not hesitate to get it ... it's the one for you!

The grinder of our dear Philips 3000 Series HD8827 / 01

Our elegant and very affordable machine consists of a ceramic mill. Not only is it entirely ceramic, but it does not deteriorate. This is why our supplier Philips offers this material: Since it does not deteriorate, the machine will stay with you for many years. In addition, the ceramic does not heat. This allows you to guarantee a taste like your first cup. Is not it great?

The options of our machine

Let's start with the specialty choices. You can savor your favorite drinks: like an espresso, a simple coffee, or simply a coffee with milk, the machine Philips 3000 Series HD8827 / 01 does not hide: it prepares your drink in a few seconds and with great pleasure. The spout? Yes. It is removable! Although there is a maximum height for the cups, our Philips offers you to visit all possible heights. From the smallest cup to the highest, adjust your spout. It is important to adjust the height of your cup, why? First, you prevent your coffee from cooling down. Yes, coffee is cooling! Second, the higher the machine, the more your coffee will splash on your machine. By adjusting, you always keep a clean work plan for each new use.

Other small subtleties, thank you Philips ...

The milk frother, which our great Baristas name Pannarello, offers you the opportunity to prepare a creamy mousse, and according to your desires. With our nozzle adapted to your needs. Prepare the milk drink of your choice. Adjustable length? Yes. Now you can choose the length of your coffee cup. By choosing a long coffee, you can at any time stop the flow of it to make it less long. Great no? Two intensities are adjustable for a tasting of high quality. Coffee strong or rather light according to your desires? The Philips HD 8827/01 allows you to adjust your machine as you want.

Some technical notions?

The Philips machine is composed of a boiler with rapid heating to allow you to have a coffee always at the right temperature. How is it possible ? The machine was created in aluminum and stainless steel, so you can reach a high temperature quickly. Removable group? So cleaning possible. Not only possible, but very fast and impeccable. No residue resists against your machine. Removable, it can be directly cleaned at the tap for faster next use.

Settings and functions
Portions/day Up to 15
Tank 1.8 L
Beans tray 250G
Waste container 15
Number of selections 4
Functions Adjustable amount of water Adjustable intensity Hot water Integrated maintenance program Programmable shutdown time
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Height 33 cm
Width 21.5 cm
Depth 42.9 cm
Weight 7 kg
Power 1850 Watts
Voltage 230 volts

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